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Ssc aspirants Prakasheen4u welcome you all..

First of all I am going to tell you that Ssc exam contains 4 sections-




4.General Awareness

Here I am going to discuss few topics that is common and very important for the exam point of view-

Simplication tricks to make calculation fast-

Memorise table from 1 to 30.

Squares upto 50,

Cubes from 1 to 25,

Break addition into parts to make calculation  easier and error free ex. 45+67=(40+60)+(7+5), for fraction addition ex. 1 1/2+3 1/2=(1+3) +(1/2+ 1/2)

Multiplication also do it part wise.

Percentage effective use at diff places-
1/2=50%, 1/3=33.33%, 1/4=25%, 1/5=20%, 1/6=16.66%, 1/7=14.7%, 1/8=12.5%, 1/9=11.11%, 1/10=10%, 1/11=9.09%, 1/12=,  2/5=40%, 3/4=75%.

Use % thoughts effectively ex. 10% of 25 = 25% of 10,   355% of 500= 500% of 355, suppose 2/5 of 100= twice the 5th part of 100.

Word Meanings for Ssc..

Abbreviate- Concise,condense
Abjure- Abandon
Abscond- Flee
Accost- Greet
Agog- Curious,eager

Adage- Maxim,dictum
Abhor- Dislike
Anathema- Evil,curse
August- Majestic
Amnesia- Loss of memory power

Apprise- Familier
Astringent- Restricted
Abandon- Abjure,forsake
Arrant- Infamous
Abstain- Avoid,desist

Abysmal- Horrible,terrible
Abolish- Destroy, eradicate
abstruse- Puzzling, complex
Alien- Foriegn, strange
Anarchy- Chaos, disorder

Amateur- Fond
Alturistic- Unselfish, philanthropic
Ambiguous- Vague, dubious
Allegiance- Obedience, loyalty
Affirm- Accept, endorse

Apathy- Indifference, insensibility
Anomalous- Irregular, Abnormal
Brisk- Active, lively
Banal- Commonplace.
Brisket- Breast of an animal

Brittle- Easily broken
Bask- To make warm by genial heat.
Beatify- To make supremely happy.
Broach- Bring up, announce, begin to talk about
Brook- To tolerate, endure buoyant-able to float; light-hearted

Burgeon- Grow forth, send out buds burnish-to polish, rub to a shine
Bust- Run out of money
Bedaub- To smear over, as with something oily or sticky.
Churl- Bad-tempered person
Cite- Give as an example

Coalescing- Coming together and uniting into one substance
Coax- Get smb to do smth by kindness
Coddle- Treat with care and tenderness
Centurion- Leader of a unit of 100 soldiers
Collusion- Secret agreement for a deceitful purpose

Combustion- Process of burning
Condense- Increase in density, strength, make laconic
Condone- Forgive
Chastisement- Punishment chauvinist-a blindly devoted patriot
Chisel- Steel tool for shaping materials

Coerce- Compel, to force to make obedient
Coeval- Of the same period, coexisting
Cogent- Strong, convincing
Clamor- Shout, complain with a lot of noise
Comply- Act in accordance

Cling to- Resist separation
Comply- Act in accordance
Compound- Mix or combine
Clot- Half-solid lump formed from liquid
Cloture- Closing, device (in Parliament) to end a debate by voting

Cogitate- Think deeply, mediate cognition-knowing, awareness (emotionless) Cognizant- Being fully aware of
Cleanse- Make pure, thoroughly clean
Caustic- Biting, sarcastic
Censure- Expression of blame or disapproval; a rebuke

Census- Official counting of the population
Complaisance- Tending to comply, obliging, willingness to please
Chary- Cautious, wary chastened-corrected, punished
Commend- Praise
Commendable- Worthy of praise

Commingle- Mingle together
Coherent- Sticking together
Conciliatory- Reconciling, soothing, comforting, mollifying
Concord- Agreement or harmony concur-agree in opinion, happen together
Connoisseur- a person with good judgement

Connotation- Suggestion in addition to
Constrict- Make tight or smaller
Consume- Get to the end of
Comprise- Be composed of compunction-feeling of regret for one’s action
Commemorate- Keep the memory of

Colander- Bowl-shaped vessel with many holes used to drain off water Collaborate- work in partnership
Congeal- Make or become stiff and solid
Conjoin- To join together
Contemn- To scorn or despise

Commuter- Person who travels regularly complacently-with self-satisfaction Conceal- Hide, keep secret
Conceit- Over-high opinion of, too much pride
Consent- Give agreement or permission
Consequential- Pompous, self important

Consolation- Consoling or being consoled console-give comfort, dismay
Contentious- Argumentative, pugnacious
Deter- Discourage, hinder
Detraction- Slandering, verbal attack, aspersion
Deviance- Being different in moral standards (from normal)

Dexterity- Skill (esp. In handling)
Dexterous- Clever, skillful with hands
Deprave- Make morally bad; corrupt
Deprecate- Protest against, express disapproval of
Dereliction- Deserting and leaving to fall into ruins

Derision- Ridicule, mockery, deriding
Derivative- Derived, not original or primitive
Derivative- Unoriginal, tending to damage
Descry- Catch sight of
Desiccate- To dry up, dehydrate

Desultory- Aimless, haphazard, digressing at random
Detach- Separate
Diaphanous- Transparent, gauzy
Diatribe- Bitter and violent attack in words
Dictate- Order

Diffidence- Shyness
Diffident- Lacking in self-confidence
Dilate- Speak comprehensively, become wider, large
Dilatory- Causing delay, procrastinating
Disabuse- To undeceive, correct a false impression

Discredit- Refuse to believe
Disdain- Look on with contempt
Disheveled- Untidy
Distribute (esp. Ideas)
Dissent- Have a different opinion, refuse to assent

Dissipation- Going away, dispersing
Disallow- Refuse to allow or accept as a correct
Discern- See with an effort but clearly
Disingenuous- Sophisticated, artful, trying to deceive, cunning
Disinter- Dig up from the earth

Dislodge- Move, force from the place occupied
Dismal- Sad, gloomy, miserable
Disparate- Essentially different
Dispassionate- Free from passion
Dissolution- Disintegration, looseness in morals

Diverse- Of different kinds
Indulge- Gratify, give way to, satisfy; allow oneself
Indulgent- Inclined to indulge
Ineffable- To great to be described in words
Ineluctable- Certain, inevitable

Inept- Unskillful
Infertile- Not fertile, barren inflame-become red, angry
Inflammatory- Tending to inflame
Infuriate- Fill with fury or rage
Insouciant- Unconcerned, carefree

Insularity- Narrow-mindedness, isolated
Insurrection- Rising of people to open resistance to
Inherent- Existing as a natural part
Infuse- Put, pour, fill
Ingenuous- Naive, young, artless, frank, honest, sincere

Ingest- Take in by swallowing
Insinuate- Suggest unpleasantly
Inimical- Harmful or friendly
Inimitable- Defying imitation, unmatchable
Innocuous- Causing no harm

Inscrutable- Incapable of being discovered or understood
Insensible- Unconscious, unresponsive, unaffected
Inhibit- Hinder, restrain
Insipid- Without taste or flavor
Jocular- Meant as a joke

Jibe- Gibe, make fun of
Lugubrious: Mournful, excessively sad
Lull- Become quiet or less active
Luminary- Star, light-giving body
Lustrous- Being bright, polished

Legacy- Something handed down from ancestors
Limn- Paint, portray
Limp- Lacking strength, walking unevenly
Lithe- Bending, twisting
Loll- Rest, to sit or stand in a lazy way; hang (dog’s tongue)

Libel- Statement that damages reputation
Lachrymose- Given to shedding tears.
Lackadaisical- Listless.
Languid- Relaxed.
Lascivious- Lustful.

Loquacious- Talkative, garrulous
Lubricant- Substance that makes work easier
Liberality- Free giving; generosity
Libertine- Immoral person
Lien- Legal claim until a debt on it is repaid

Lubricate- Put oil to make work easily
Lubricious- Lewd, wanton, greasy, slippery
Lucubrate- Write in scholarly fashion
Lassitude- Lack of vitality or energy.
Morbid- Diseased, unhealthy

Morose- Ill-tempered, unsocial
Mortuary- Place where dead bodies are taken to be kept until burial Multifarious- Varied, motley, greatly diversified
Mundane- Worldly as opposed to spiritual, commonplace, everyday
Myriad- Very great number

Malaise- A condition of uneasiness or ill-being.
Maudlin- Foolishly and tearfully affectionate.
Mawkish- Sickening or insipid.
Mellifluous- Sweetly or smoothly flowing.
Malevolence- Ill will.

Malign- To speak evil of, especially to do so falsely and severely. Malleable- Pliant.
Massacre- The unnecessary and indiscriminate killing of human beings.
Malcontent- One who is dissatisfied with the existing state of affairs. Mollify- Make calmer or quieter

Molt- lose hair, feathers before new growing
Reproach- Scold, upbraid
Regicide- Crime of killing a king
Reiterate- Say or do again several times
Requite- Repay, give in return

Reluctant- Unwilling or disinclined
Rejuvenation- Becoming young in nature or appearance
Relapse- Fall back again
Renovate- Restore something to better condition
Renowned- Celebrated, famous

Resigned- Unresisting, submissive
Resilience- Quality of quickly recovering the original shape
Resolve- Determine resort to: Frequently visit
Rent- Regular payment for the use of something, division or split
Remonstrate- To protest, object

Render- Deliver, provide, represent
Relinquish- Give up
Reprobate- Person hardened in sin; one devoid of decency
Repudiate- Disown, refuse to accept or pay
Repulsive- Causing a feeling of disgust

Idiom and Phrases for Ssc..

A piece of cake- An easy task/job
Burn the midnight oil- Work or labour late into the night

Once in a blue moon- Once in a while, infrequently
A green horn- Inexperienced
A man of straw- A weak person
A penny saved is a penny earned- By not spending money, you are saving
money (little by little)
A baker’s dozen- Thirteen

A fool’s errand- A useless undertaking
A picture paints a thousand words- A visual presentation is far more
descriptive than words
A wolf in sheep’s clothing- A dangerous person pretending harmless
Above board- Fair and honest
Actions speak louder than words- It’s better to actually do something than
hust talk about it

All in all- Considering everything
An axe to grind- To have a dispute with someone
At last- Finally, after a long time
Back and forth- In a backward and forward motion
Bag and baggage- With all goods

Bird’s eye view- General view
Bite your tongue- To avoid talking
Black and white- In writing
By fits and starts- Irregularly
By leaps and bound- Speedily

By far- By a great margin, clearly
By the way- Incidentally
By the skin of one’s teeth- Only just
Chew someone out- Verbally scold someone
Cats and bull story- Untrue story

French leave- Absence without permission
Foar in the mouth- To be furious
Fits and stars- Irregularly
Feather one’s own nest Make money unfairly
Fool’s paradise- False sense of happiness

Fall back- To Recede; To Retreat
Fall down- From a higher position to a lower one
Fall off- To Withdraw; To Drop Off
Fall under- To come under
In cold blood- Deliberately and without emotion

In hot water- In trouble
In high spirits- Very happy
In the long run- Eventually, Ultimately
It’s Greek to me- Something that is not understandable
Intends and purposes- Practically

It takes two to tango- Actions or communications need more than one person
Icing on the cake- Something that turns good into great
Moot point- A debatable point
Neck out Invite- Trouble unnecessarily
Skating on thin ice- Do or say something risky

Show a clean pair of heals- Run away
Sitting on the fence- Hesitate between two decisions
Spread like wild fire- Spread quickly
Smell a rat- Suspect something foul
Stick to one’s guns- Remain faithful to the cause

Something up one’s sleeve- A secret plan
Spill the beans- To disclose a secret
To be in abeyance- In suspense
To hit the nail on the head- To guess right
To pull one’s socks up- To try hard

To make the grade- To come out successful
To hold a brief for- To defend someone
To cut the Gordian knot- to be victorious
To make a shot- To make a guess
To ride hell for leather- To ride with furious speed

To be at daggers drawn- To be bitter enemy
To spell the beans- To reveal secret information
To get cold feet- To be afraid
To draw bead upon- To take aim at
To turn the cover- To pass the crisis

To oil the knocker- To tip the office boy

One word substitution for Ssc..

Abattoir : Place where animals are killed for food.
Accesssible : Which can be approached.
Advertisement : A public notice offering or asking for goods, services, etc.
Afforestation : The act of forestation by planting many trees.
Aggressor : One who commits the first act of attack, offence and hostility

Anarchist : One who wishes to all established government, laws and order.
Alimony : Allowance fixed after divorce to a wife
Alliteration : Commencement of adjacent words with the same letter
Altruist : A lover of One’s own self.
Amphibian : Animal which live both in sea of on land.

Amnesia : Partial or total loss memory.
Avaricious : One who is greedy.
Bay : A Part of sea
Benefactor : One who gives financial help to a school.
Biography : Life History of a person written by someone else.

Bigamy : Have two husband or two wifes at a time
Bachelorhood : State of being Unmarried.
Bankrupt : One who can not pay the debt.
Beach : A stretch of sand / stones along the edge of the sea.
Belligerents : Nation engaged in war.

Bellicose : A person who is fond of fighting.
Belligerents : Nation engaged in war.
Bibliophile : One who loves to collect books.
Cartographer : A person who draws maps and charts.
Cartography : Art of map making.

Casino : A place where gambling is practice.
Cataclysm : Sudden and violent change.
Catalogue : List of books and articles.
Celibate : One who has taken a vow not to have sex.
Cemetery : The place for corpses to be buried.

Centenary : Hundredth Anniversary .
Crusade : A war of religions
Centipede : An insects with many legs.
Cynosure : A centre of attraction .
Centrifugal, Centripetal : Anything tending to move towards centre.

Convalescence : period of gradual recovery of health after illness
Chronological : According to sequence of time.
Contemporary : A person born or living at the same time as another.
Circumstantial : Clues available at a scene.
Congregation : Gathering of worshippers.

Circumlocution : A roundabout way of expression.
Condolence : Expression of sympathy
Claustrophobia : An extreme fear of being in a small confined place.
Coronation : Ceremony of crowning a king
Cloakroom : The place for luggage at a railway station.

Coerce : Compel to a course of action.
Dictatorship : Government carried on by an absolute ruler.
Democracy : A government by the people, of the people and for the people.
Diplomacy : The skill and policy of a country statesman and politicians.
Dermatology: The medical study of the skin and its diseases.

Discrepancy : Difference between two things that should be the same.
Digestible : That can be digested.
Dissimulate : To hide or disguise.
Dynasty : Succession of rulers belonging to one family.
Dittograph : A letter or word repeated unintentionally in writing and copying.

Diurnal : Of the daytime.
Dwarf : A person, plant or animal who is below the usual size.
Despondancy : Loss of complete hope.
Divisible : That which can be divided.
Drawn : A game or battle in which no party gains victory.

Dipsomania : A strong desire to take liquor.
Detrimental : Causing harm or damage.

Maths Useful Formulas

1. (α+в)²= α²+2αв+в²
2. (α+в)²= (α-в)²+4αв
3. (α-в)²= α²-2αв+в²
4. (α-в)²= (α+в)²-4αв
5. α² + в²= (α+в)² – 2αв.
6. α² + в²= (α-в)² + 2αв.
7. α²-в² =(α + в)(α – в)
8. 2(α² + в²) = (α+ в)² + (α – в)²
9. 4αв = (α + в)² -(α-в)²
10. αв ={(α+в)/2}²-{(α-в)/2}²
11. (α + в + c)² = α² + в² + c² + 2(αв + вc + cα)
12. (α + в)³ = α³ + 3α²в + 3αв² + в³
13. (α + в)³ = α³ + в³ + 3αв(α + в)
14. (α-в)³=α³-3α²в+3αв²-в³
15. α³ + в³ = (α + в) (α² -αв + в²)
16. α³ + в³ = (α+ в)³ -3αв(α+ в)
17. α³ -в³ = (α -в) (α² + αв + в²)
18. α³ -в³ = (α-в)³ + 3αв(α-в)

Trigonometric Ratios

ѕιη0° =0
ѕιη30° = 1/2
ѕιη45° = 1/√2
ѕιη60° = √3/2
ѕιη90° = 1
coѕ ιѕ oρρoѕιтє oƒ ѕιη
тαη0° = 0
тαη30° = 1/√3
тαη45° = 1
тαη60° = √3
тαη90° = ∞
¢σт ιѕ σρρσѕιтє σƒ тαη
ѕє¢0° = 1
ѕє¢30° = 2/√3
ѕє¢45° = √2
ѕє¢60° = 2
ѕє¢90° = ∞
¢σѕє¢ ιѕ σρρσѕιтє σƒ ѕє¢
ѕιη(α+в)=ѕιηα ¢σѕв+ ¢σѕα ѕιηв.
» ¢σѕ(α+в)=¢σѕα ¢σѕв – ѕιηα ѕιηв.
» ѕιη(α-в)=ѕιηα¢σѕв-¢σѕαѕιηв.
» ¢σѕ(α-в)=¢σѕα¢σѕв+ѕιηαѕιηв.
» тαη(α+в)= (тαηα + тαηв)/ (1−тαηαтαηв)
» тαη(α−в)= (тαηα − тαηв) / (1+ тαηαтαηв)
» ¢σт(α+в)= (¢σтα¢σтв −1) / (¢σтα + ¢σтв)
» ¢σт(α−в)= (¢σтα¢σтв + 1) / (¢σтв− ¢σтα)
» ѕιη(α+в)=ѕιηα ¢σѕв+ ¢σѕα ѕιηв.
» ¢σѕ(α+в)=¢σѕα ¢σѕв +ѕιηα ѕιηв.
» ѕιη(α-в)=ѕιηα¢σѕв-¢σѕαѕιηв.
» ¢σѕ(α-в)=¢σѕα¢σѕв+ѕιηαѕιηв.
» тαη(α+в)= (тαηα + тαηв)/ (1−тαηαтαηв)
» тαη(α−в)= (тαηα − тαηв) / (1+ тαηαтαηв)
» ¢σт(α+в)= (¢σтα¢σтв −1) / (¢σтα + ¢σтв)
» ¢σт(α−в)= (¢σтα¢σтв + 1) / (¢σтв− ¢σтα)
α/ѕιηα = в/ѕιηв = ¢/ѕιη¢ = 2я
» α = в ¢σѕ¢ + ¢ ¢σѕв
» в = α ¢σѕ¢ + ¢ ¢σѕα
» ¢ = α ¢σѕв + в ¢σѕα
» ¢σѕα = (в² + ¢²− α²) / 2в¢
» ¢σѕв = (¢² + α²− в²) / 2¢α
» ¢σѕ¢ = (α² + в²− ¢²) / 2¢α
» Δ = αв¢/4я
» ѕιηΘ = 0 тнєη,Θ = ηΠ
» ѕιηΘ = 1 тнєη,Θ = (4η + 1)Π/2
» ѕιηΘ =−1 тнєη,Θ = (4η− 1)Π/2
» ѕιηΘ = ѕιηα тнєη,Θ = ηΠ (−1)^ηα

1. ѕιη2α = 2ѕιηα¢σѕα
2. ¢σѕ2α = ¢σѕ²α − ѕιη²α
3. ¢σѕ2α = 2¢σѕ²α − 1
4. ¢σѕ2α = 1 − ѕιη²α
5. 2ѕιη²α = 1 − ¢σѕ2α
6. 1 + ѕιη2α = (ѕιηα + ¢σѕα)²
7. 1 − ѕιη2α = (ѕιηα − ¢σѕα)²
8. тαη2α = 2тαηα / (1 − тαη²α)
9. ѕιη2α = 2тαηα / (1 + тαη²α)
10. ¢σѕ2α = (1 − тαη²α) / (1 + тαη²α)
11. 4ѕιη³α = 3ѕιηα − ѕιη3α
12. 4¢σѕ³α = 3¢σѕα + ¢σѕ3α

» ѕιη²Θ+¢σѕ²Θ=1
» ѕє¢²Θ-тαη²Θ=1
» ¢σѕє¢²Θ-¢σт²Θ=1
» ѕιηΘ=1/¢σѕє¢Θ
» ¢σѕє¢Θ=1/ѕιηΘ
» ¢σѕΘ=1/ѕє¢Θ
» ѕє¢Θ=1/¢σѕΘ
» тαηΘ=1/¢σтΘ
» ¢σтΘ=1/тαηΘ
» тαηΘ=ѕιηΘ/¢σѕΘ