Morning Power- Boost your hidden strength

morning power

Morning power is like booster for the whole day.If you spend your morning in a proper way. You can lead a power life. It gives you everything,it is just like you make a wish and the wish is fulfilled. How it works when you get up early in the morning,you are silent,you don’t feel like talking to anybody. This moment for the 10 to 15 minutes is precious for you,what you think at this time,that carries for the whole day.

Then go for exercise,workout in the morning opens your body and relieves from pain. You feel energetic,this reduces the effect of several diseases like survical etc. The most important point is that walking releases anti depressant liquid in the mind which reduces the depression,stress.

Breakfast in the morning should be heavy as you don’t eat after the dinner,it gives you energy for whole day as well. Heavy breakfast prevents formation of gas etc in stomach.

After waking up in the morning a person should have habit of drinking water. As the whole night you don’t drink water,so water is needed by all the organs of the body.